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Solutions by design

Simon Glew Architect


SGA is collaboration. We listen to our client, ask questions and research their particular problem. With the client, we assemble a team of professionals and contractors who identify a budget and solution that solves it.


We value our clients property. We help with difficult zoning issues, decontamination and the transformation of existing buildings. We help sell and lease properties. Most importantly, we help communicate our clients needs.


We provide the services our clients ask for. We hate waste, and have a practical approach to energy efficiency. We work with the best possible tools, 2D, 3D and BIM. We lead a team of specialized professionals, unique to each project, and help them contribute in their own unique way, without distraction, or loss of focus.


We are passionate about the built environment, how it affects us, and how we affect it. We are aware of its meanings, hidden and explicit. We give back to the community.

Dedicated service, architectural expertise and innovative problem solving

We enjoy meeting new people, and are happy to help if we can. If you have questions please, 

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